Ages 1 - 10

Welcome to our kids ministry

Children are God’s gift to us. Every child is unique and has their own destiny to follow. At Hope Kids we know the importance of this and our aim is to introduce them to Jesus and for them to develop a personal relationship with him. The goal of the program is to share the gospel with your children in a fun and relevant way, and to build a solid faith foundation that they can build upon as they get older. We aim to work in partnership with parents, teaching God’s word and values to each child.

Hope Kids

Hope Kids has 3 main groups that cater for a variety of ages.

PLEASE NOTE that the ages for each group are just a rough guide and we are happy to work with you, the parents to make sure your child is in the correct group based on their abilities.

HopeBabies (Under 18 months)
HopeBabies (Under 18 months)

We have our HopeBabies room with feeding and changing facilities. We ask that you supervise your child in this space.

HopeToddlers (18 months to preschool)
HopeToddlers (18 months to preschool)

An interactive time including craft and games which is held in the HopeToddlers room.  Parents are more than welcome to stay to help settle your child.

HopeKids – School age (Reception to Year 7)
HopeKids – School age (Reception to Year 7)

Our aim is to make HopeKids a place where children learn about Christ through interaction by a variety of activities.  This includes a focus on child involved teaching time, memory verses, games and also a high importance on connecting with the children.  The goal of the program is to share the gospel with your children, and to build a solid foundation that they can build their faith into adulthood.  We aim to work in partnership with parents, teaching God’s word and values to each child.

More About

The HopeKids, HopeToddlers and HopeBabies programs are provided every Sunday morning and usually runs for 1 hour.  Children are encouraged to stay in church for the first part of the service which focuses on praise and family time, offering and communion before going into the HopeKids, HopeToddlers and HopeBabies programs.
Our Leaders

All our leaders are police checked and have undertaken Mandatory Reporting.


From 10-10:30am children who are HopeKids age are welcome to come to Connect4Kids. This is a time where children and HopeKids Leaders can chill and take time to chat and connect whilst playing board games and taking part in other activities.

Holiday Program

In addition to our school term programs we offer programs during the school holidays. These mornings are filled with loads of fun whilst building relationships with others and team work.


For both HopeToddlers and HopeKids programs we include a snack time – we ask that you bring a piece of fruit to share.


To ensure your child’s safety, it is very important for you to let our leaders know if your child has any allergies or any other special needs or concerns. We will endeavour to bring the best care possible.